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Practice & Experience

Jean started practicing yoga in 1998.  She smiles when she thinks back to those early years and remembers her first teacher saying, “Yoga isn’t an Olympic sport, and we don’t need to look around at others!”  Jean was definitely approaching it as a sport, as she enjoyed the physicality of the practice, and felt she was seeking to prove something.  Jean also lacked the awareness to know that the teacher was most likely speaking to her!  Since then, through various stages of her life from stressful work environments, pregnancy, and various injuries, Jean has practiced many traditions of yoga from Hatha to Vinyasa, from Power to Iyengar, to Restorative, and now she has comfortably settled into Kundalini for the last year.

Yoga for Youth & Teens

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For Jean, her personal yoga practice has helped her to cultivate a more authentic, curious, compassionate, and effective relationship with her students.  With the yoga teacher training through YogaEd., Jean has been educated to teach from the lens of social-emotional and brain-based learning, with a trauma-informed foundation. She understands and values students' physical, mental, emotional, and social development, and considers this when developing and teaching lessons.  

The "today" of a youth and teen looks very different then even a decade ago due to social media and an overabundant access to technology. Through play, experiential learning, and connecting to one's mind + body, yoga provides a safe environment for students to learn yoga tools of breath, movement, and relaxation that will help them to effectively navigate their lives.   

Yoga Classes

Mindful movement classes for youth and teens:  holding space to meet students  where they are at, and provide a safe, engaging + playful opportunity to practice mindfulness + yoga!
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