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Holding space to meet you where you are at and support you through mindfulness, yoga, and functional nutrition.

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With conscious awareness,

curiosity, and compassion — for a healthy mind


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With the breath building calmness, presence, focus, and a strength to move through the poses

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With nourishing and healing qualities of food, and a connection to the land, history + traditions

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Meet Jean Skaane

Since founding Still Waters in 2016, Jean Skaane has shared her experience in the business, educational and wellness sectors as well as her own formal mindfulness, yoga, and functional nutrition practices with children, parents, educators, and other professionals.


Jean is committed to explaining the science, history and practical aspects of mindfulness, yoga, and nutrition with her students and clients so that they might reap the benefits of greater clarity, improved communication, heightened awareness, creativity, openness, compassion, reduced stress and anxiety, and a healthy physical presence throughout their daily lives, relationships, and future journey.

This Fall!
Mindful Self-Compassion Teen Workshop

This 8-week course encourages an open-minded + compassionate acceptance of the struggle teens are facing.

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This August!

Weekly granola drops to your

door step for Marblehead


My students were always so excited when they saw Jean coming into my classroom to teach mindfulness and garden lessons. Jean makes learning fun. Her lessons are engaging and age-appropriate. Sometimes she brought in props and made a game out of the lessons. Sometimes she brought in food so we could learn to eat mindfully and even taste new foods. Her lessons were always delivered calmly and thoughtfully. I didn’t know my class could be so still and quiet! She taught lifelong skills. I know I still use the lessons I learned from her. I’m sure the children do too!

Carol S., elementary school teacher

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